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Worklife @ mybet

The photos running across the top of the page are intended to give you an initial visual impression of what it’s like to work at mybet. We’d like to tell you a little more about it here:

Start & induction

We think it’s really important that our new colleagues feel welcome and at ease from the very first day on. So we make sure all the necessary working tools and documents are available right from the start. We organise a team breakfast or lunch so that a new colleague can glean a wide range of useful and important information about the job and the office on their very first day: Where can you find nice cafés in the vicinity? When will the table football games be happening? What makes mybet “tick”? We make it clear during the application process that everyone here is on first-name terms. You’ll discover how uncomplicated, friendly and relaxed everyone’s manner is as soon as you start dealing face to face with your colleagues at your new place of work.

An onboarding session will be held during the first few days to brief new colleagues comprehensively about all areas of mybet. Further induction is provided on the job by the line manager or colleagues.

Half way through the 6-month trial period we hold a “half-time discussion” where the new colleague and their superior (and possibly also HR) consider how things have gone to date: How is induction progressing? What has gone well, and what not so well? Have the expectations of both parties so far been met? Where is any fine-tuning needed? We believe it’s really important for there to be two-way constructive, honest feedback and to pave the way for a successful, lasting partnership.

Information & communication

All teams hold regular team meetings. Because we use agile project management methods in software development (SCRUM), team meetings and feedback sessions in this area take place almost on a daily basis.

At mybet we use OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), an (agile) management technique that is also used by well-known companies such as Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. We thus ensure that we connect the goals of the company with those of each employee, provide a high degree of transparency and set a clear focus for the next three months .

Once a month, we hold a company meeting in Berlin. The Management Board gives a report on the latest developments in the company, the business figures, personnel changes and forthcoming projects. Everyone is invited to ask questions and make suggestions. The company meeting is broadcasted live in our locations in Cologne and Malta.

We hold annual performance review meetings at which every colleague can discuss the past and coming year at length with their line manager: two-way feedback, individual targets, career prospects, advancement focus… all topics that are addressed at this meeting.

One reason why the integrated communication and information measures covered by this heading are very important to us is that our workforce of around 170 employees is spread among our four locations Berlin, Cologne and Malta, so we are eager to create an effective communication network between all employees.

Freedom & responsibility

Creative freedom and individual responsibility for employees are core mybet values that serve as the touchstone of our actions. On the one hand we want everyone to be able to contribute and fashion their own way of working, while on the other hand demonstrating that vital sense of responsibility and duty that is an essential ingredient of successful collaboration. We firmly believe we will achieve the best results when both values are allied.

Our fundamental approach is a reflection of our mission and vision. These were drafted in January 2016, as the basis for our corporate strategy. Ever since, mybet’s general framework of action has been published on the intranet and also displayed at various points in the offices (mainly in the office kitchenettes).

Events, fun & games

Our goal is to make mybet a successful company. To ensure everyone commits to this goal, we offer attractive working conditions and an agreeable working environment.

We regard every individual as responsible for their actions within the company. Equally, the individual is responsible for managing their working time. Because we want to rate ourselves by the quality of our results rather than the quantity of output, we trust the individual to use their working time efficiently and optimally. In the spirit of promoting work/life balance, our framework of trust-based working hours means it is also possible to go on private errands during the working day.

Fresh fruit is provided for all colleagues on a daily basis, along with a selection of different cereals, cold and hot drinks. And if things should take a little longer in the evening, we pay for the food orders of our colleagues. Many of us are passionate about sport – not just because sports betting is part of our business. mybet teams regularly take part in sporting competitions, such as the Berlin Corporate Run or meet for badminton or tennis matches after work. Mybet teams also regularly take part in sporting competitions, such as the company’s participation in the company in Berlin or meet for badminton or tennis matches after work. Bubble-ball, kayak-cruising, exit-game or a common visit to the soccer stadium are other teamevents, which are very popular with the employees.

Once a quarter we offer a “chill & grill” after the company meeting that we mentioned earlier. Depending on the weather, this is an opportunity to hold a barbecue party in Volkspark Friedrichshain, go for a beer at a nice bar or have a good time in the office. Each year, we hold the mybet Summer Party: definitely a highlight in the mybet calendar, and an opportunity for employees from all locations to meet up at a cool venue for a celebration.

The aspects covered on this page are intended to provide a brief impression of what it is like to work at mybet. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas that help enrich the day-to-day experience of working at mybet.