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Equity Story

Investment Highlights

mybet is legal and offers investment certainty

We aim at offering sports betting and casino products successfully. Part of that involves ensuring such operations take place in a legally watertight context – only then can a reliable return on investment be achieved.

That is why we seek to secure appropriate licences in relevant markets. mybet subsidiaries and/or exclusive sales partners hold such permits amongst others in Germany, Belgium, Greece, the United Kingdom, Ghana and Cyprus.

mybet’s main market is Germany. For that reason, we devote particular attention to the licensing process there. Along with an existing licence in Schleswig-Holstein, in September 2014 mybet received advance notice that it was to be granted one of the “e15” licences. These are the 20 licences to be awarded for operating and offering sports betting activities in Germany. But, the whole licensing process was stopped in Germany.

mybet is clearly positioned

mybet regards itself first and foremost as a sports betting provider. We want to be successful with our core product and are constantly working on an appropriate organisation, products and sales structures. Our business model is supplemented by a high-performance online casino and by B2B services in the sports betting sector for third party providers outside of Germany, for example in Ghana and Belgium.

The mybet brand is well established in many European markets and known to the consumer as a reliable and competitive provider. In 2016 we have implemented a newly developed online product platform and an advanced branding strategy to convince existing and potential customers.

mybet aiming to be quality leader

We at mybet are convinced that only the best products will survive on the market long-term. We are therefore working constantly to optimise existing products and offer the consumer added value through the development of new ones. By an efficient marketing we communicate our advantages to the market appropriately.

mybet offers growth potential

The past five years have seen the rise of certain companies in the European sports betting market. These competitors are our benchmark but also the best example of just how much growth potential the market offers. We have identified opportunities and areas for differentiation where we can take on the established players and capture market shares for mybet. If we are able to do this, mybet will be in a position to unlock above-average dynamics of business development.

Furthermore, the current discussion on licensing of sports betting in Germany offers an opportunity to establish a transparent market and competitive situation by a regulated licensing system. We are convinced that we will be able to benefit from such framework conditions in case it would be established.